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Vote recumbent, not incumbent - Rich Whitney, the cyclist's candidate for Governor

Vote the Recumbent, Not the Incumbent

May 21, 2010
By: Cal Skinner

The interview wound down.

"Whitney, of course, was promoting the use of bicycles and mass transit."

"That accomplishment—one that I spectacularly missed for the Libertarian Party in 2002—established the Green Party as what I call a “power
party.” It meant local Green candidates could get on the ballot with
the same relatively small number of petition signatures as Democrats and
Republicans.  To continue to have that privilege for the next four
years, someone on the Green Party ticket must get 5% this fall."

He told of how this was the early part of his tour of Illinois by mass transit and bicycle.

Rich Whitney answered questions ranging from being included in gubernatorial debates to raising the income tax to having an Amtrak station in McHenry

It reminds me of the way that Dan Walker walked the state, starting in Southern Illinois and working north. He go incredible publicity, plus lots of blisters.

Far before the time he got to the Chicago metropolitan area, Chicago television stations were doing stories.

By enticing the Northwest Herald to send a reporter, Whitney could be starting on a similar publicity roll. He is, however, missing the opportunity to build momentum Downstate while working his way toward

Whitney told of how he had participated in the Ride of Silence in Chicago. Its route featured bikes painted white where cyclists had been killed while riding.

Rich Whitney being interviewed by Stew Cohen of STAR101-FM. To Whitney's left is 8th Congressional District Green Party candidate Bill Scheurer.
Behind him to the left is Green Party State Treasurer candidate Scott
Summers. Summers lives in Harvard, Scheurer in Lake County.

Commenting on riding a bicycle in Chicago, he said,

“It’s a challenge.”

While I was taking photos the Northwest Herald reporter was asking questions.

She asked about whether Whitney expected to be included in any debates. Whitney explained that he had sent invitations to both Governor Pat Quinn and State Senator Bill Brady requesting nine debates.
When contacting potential sponsoring organizations, he said they had
been receptive.

Whitney, of course, was promoting the use of bicycles and mass transit.

“All of us benefit from a healthier environment.”

"Whitney, of course, was promoting the use of bicycles and mass transit."

People “should be able to get from place to place without using an automobile,” he said.

In the state capital bill, Whitney bemoaned that only $4 billion was earmarked for mass transit when $10 billion had been requested by mass transit advocates.


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Official website for Sustainable Transportation Tour
Whitney is full of crap.
He drove around for years in a giant mobile home with campaign signs on it. Did he give that up?
I've seen it as recently as 2 years ago. I wanted to puke.
Just another hypocrite who stands for nothing.
Quinn is the guy who got us bikes on Metra, and wasn't too good to be keynote speaker at a Break the Gridlock conference. There's nothing Whitney has said or proposed that Quinn hasn't. Looks like we're going to be too myopic to support him.
Commenting on riding a bicycle in Chicago, he said, "it's a challenge"

not really stirring words from a Super Bike Friend. Chicago is one of the best cities for cycling, and cycling is a far easier way to get around in it than dealing with traffic and parking.

Maybe it's a quote out of context but bah, humbug.
Different strokes for different folks - if you like the direction the bi-partisan govt of Illinois, keep on truckin' and voting for the usual suspects. I'm sure Gov. Quinn is a great guy, and means well - I actually chatted with him across the aisle on a flight back from west coast, and talked to his bro, Tom Q, when I worked at his firm, nice family. The problem is that Quinn's efforts are restricted by the corrupt system, he has to run everything through the boss, Madigan. And we see how well the Blago thing worked.

I'm just putting this out there for people who think their govt. should be more efficient, less family-friends deals, and more about representing real, working, biking people. For those people, they can check out Rich Whitney's complete platform at his website, and make their own comparison and evaluation. Personally, I think he has different positions on some issues from Quinn. He would be a great check and balance against the status quo establishment in Springfield.

As for biking in Chicago, give the guy a break! Yeah, it takes some getting used to, with traffic and crazy drivers, particularly for someone from Carbondale. He was also riding a recumbent bike.
And if you want Rich Whitney or other local Green candidates, like LeAlan Jones, to speak at events, LET ME KNOW - I'm sure they will be glad to attend, speak, and answer questions (no ducking out through kitchen exits).


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