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Help document the demand for more and better bikeways in Chicago!

The Chicago Department of Transportation’s Bicycle Program is recruiting volunteers to participate in the September 2012 Downtown Bike Count during one or more of the following times:

Tuesday, September 25th between 7AM – 9AM and 4PM – 6PM
Saturday, September 29th between Noon – 2PM
Approximately 25 volunteers are needed for each of the 3 time slots

Volunteers will help record changes in seasonal ridership, document the need for bicycle infrastructure and help advance Chicago’s commitment to be the Most Bicycle Friendly City in America.

In June of 2012, volunteers recorded over 10,700 bicyclists at 20 locations entering and exiting the Central Business District during the morning and afternoon peak hours.  The stats from the Fall 2011, Spring 2012, and Summer 2012 counts are available here:


To volunteer or for more info, please contact:


Dave Smith

CDOT Bikeways Planner



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I volunteer because we need the bike lanes. 

I volunteer to count bicyclists because it's fun, and it's important data that is used to demonstrate need for better bike facilities. I'll be out there Tuesday evening!

And I volunteer just because ;)

Am I required to say why I volunteer? I just want to ride downtown at 7am and do some bike-watching! Fun!



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