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Hey friends,

My team, XXX Racing-Athletico, is still very much in need of some volunteers for the Lincoln Park Crit on 4/13!  If you would like to volunteer for this race as a course marshal, you will get an up close look at the excitement of bike racing and lots of fast people in lycra!
Your duties:
Show up to the race when you said you’d be available, head to the XXX tent and tell anyone with an XXX logo on him or her that you are there to volunteer.  You’ll be directed to someone who will get you up to speed and get you to the spot where you’re needed. They will all be friendly and if they aren’t you can kick them in the shins.  Then, you stand in the spot assigned and make sure people and other things don’t cross the course when racers are coming.  You’ll find it to be pretty instinctual, like how you tend to not walk out in front of moving traffic.  AND you get to wear an orange jersey, like a crossing guard.
If you want to sign up, contact me or send an email to Rick LaCour at to let him know you heard about this from Dana's (my) post on the Chainlink and you want to volunteer.  He or I will direct you to a signup sheet.
Thanks for considering it!

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