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We Came Upon Violence Tonight on Lakefront Path @ North Avenue

Tonight I was biking home with a colleague on the lakefront path and suddenly just north of North Avenue we saw a bloody, sliced up guy on the path get knocked off his bike. The guy who knocked him off the bike hit him repeatedly with a  full plastic bottle of water and kicked him too  He threw the bottle of water at him several times from two feet away -  right at his head.  

The  guy was bleeding from severe cuts to his face, legs and arms.  I tried to protect him by getting the guy doing the hitting and kicking to stop.

Apparently the guy - who looked just terrified - had just stabbed the friend of these guys on the beach (just maybe 30 feet away).  He was sliced up during the knife fight with the other guy.  They didn't want him to get away and I guess in their passion they wanted to give him a good whopping.  

I did get them to stop beating him until the cops came after several minutes.  He was fully conscious but had several very long knife cuts that were bleeding profusely.

Just shocking that this happened on a nice summer evening on the lakefront right in front of us.I have  no idea what the fight was about or why people bring knives to the lakefront.

Here's a little Trib article about it.

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Well, why do folks bring guns to the beach on a crowded, hot summer eve (search new for this past Sunday at 31st Street Beach around 6:45 p.m.)??

Sounds about right...usually the season opens with some North Avenue Beach violence... :(



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