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Because There is no "video" tab, I am making this for folks to share Videos. Please share bicycle videos from your latest ride,commute,how to/DIY, or anything Bike related.

I would also like to share my video here on the Chainlink without having to make a new thread every time.

I said ""...I meant .ORG sorry, not making another video

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I Bow down...that slide show is Epic

Reddog said:


here is a slide show I made of some Midnight Marauders rides.  The video is nearly three years old now, so it is a bit dated.  Many diffrent people took the photos used in this video, but the majority of them are mine.



"Tour de Fuck U" LOL

Casey Carnes said:


I am with you there as well.

James BlackHeron said:

Not to deraille the thread too much more but while ning is improving the search feature I would love to see the calender function improved so one can more easily see at a glance events that are coming up but not just in the next few days. It is sometimes very frustrating digging through events day-by-day into the future -especially since there are sometimes so many events to dig through.

A better search function that performed a calender organizing function would help here too.

But in the end this is a ning thing and pretty much out of anyone's hands but the ning development team.


here is the

cool, I wish i could remember to keep shooting footage on the rides. I get so caught up and forget to pull out my camera(that just sounds wrong LOL).
Aaron Bussey said:

This is a video from last Saturday. It was the...

"Many Lakes,Many Bridges, Secret Squirrel, Trickey Beaver,DuPage county Enviro-tour".

It is a great Idea and was a great ride! Not only was it a tour of Many lakes and was a trail clean up ride.

There are hopes that the ride will be continued this summer and fall, with more cyclists equipped with buckets for picking up trash along the ride.

here is the finely crafted booklet to the ride...

Found this video after i saw Dugs autographed book and then looked up what "AYHSMB" was.

Ya...I'm late to the party, but at least i arrived.

AYHSMB!  -lol

Hey guys - you have less than 2 weeks to submit your video to the City of Chicago's bike video contest.  Details are here!



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