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Because There is no "video" tab, I am making this for folks to share Videos. Please share bicycle videos from your latest ride,commute,how to/DIY, or anything Bike related.

I would also like to share my video here on the Chainlink without having to make a new thread every time.

I said ""...I meant .ORG sorry, not making another video

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video from the Hallowoween mass starting at Daley Plaza

video from the bike swap 2013

hopefully learned how to embed this video

Ace Mann said:

video from the bike swap 2013

Video from last nights Critical mass ride.

Video from the start of the ride at Daley Plaza May 2013

june 2013 mass leaving Daley plaza

Halloween Video a little late.

I present to you, Harry Kramer, the original bearded, fixie-riding, trickster.....

video from November Chicago Critical mass ride. Find Howard

We are not alone on this planet. In Copenhagen, Denmark they biycle in the winter, too.


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