Here is Day 3 of my Tour through Kings Canyon, Sequoia and Yosemite national parks.  This was my descent through Sequoia and the greatest ride I will probably ever take complete with breathtaking sceneries. Enjoy! More info in the link


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Looks good, man.  It's almost like I'm there...I can smell it.  Almost.  Spidey was a nice surprise.  That song goes good with anything, too.  One of my fav's. 

Great video and soundtrack!

Great video...I was just out there in August and September hiking the John Muir Trail through those same parks. I can vouch for it being the finest scenery the Lower 48 has to offer. Nice use of Aphex Twin by the way!

I've been throwing around the idea of a group AZ bike trip with Kelly Brennan since she now lives in Flagstaff. More details to come after I'm out there new years.

It was my dad's idea after we did some awesome off road biking at McDowell National Forest.  It was easy enough for a flatlander like me, but still pretty thrilling. He thought it would be fun  o bring a whole group of my cycling friends out to ride this trail.


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