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Veteran Chicago Fire Fighter dies 3 weeks after colliding with a car in Evergreen Park

The description of the crash is kinda vague, but it sounds like somebody suddenly stopped in front of him, and he went over the handlebars and hit his head.  RIP

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Still Chicago was recently named the best bike city in the country? I feel safer cycling in Manhattan.

I get the point, but NYC has seen a pretty bad spike this year as well.  It's a national problem that needs a national solution.   

My sympathy to the family and friends of the deceased.  

I smacked into a car under similar circumstances, but fortunately lived to tell this story.  I was riding southbound on California at the end of a group ride.  My friend and I were the leading riders in the group. We came to a 4 way intersection, and the driver to our right waved us through. We proceeded, at a decent but not speedy pace (end of a good long ride, afterall).  The driver then proceeded through too.  My friend just cleared the car, maybe clipped the front bumper.  I smacked right into the side of the car.  He got a Jen-print in his side panel.  I was stunned but not injured. The witnesses included my friend and the 10 or so riders in our group - NONE OF WHICH THE DRIVER SAW.  He said he hadn't seen ANY of us, in our high viz clothes and blinking lights.  He said he wasn't waving us through, he was waving to his friends at the church on the opposite corner.  So we thought we had the go ahead and he didn't see anyone.  



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