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Unused Soma Front Rack ($25) and 24mm Tektro in-line levers ($15)

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Sorry, posted before I could provide details.

I bought these two items months ago and never used them. Just sat around in the parts box.

Soma mini front rack was mounted once, and then removed. Comes with original mounting hardware. Would be great for zip-tying a wald basket to. $25

Tektro In-line brake levers were the wrong size. Never used 'em. They are for 24mm handlebars, which were not the size needed for that particular project, and I don't see using them again. Bought new at Comrade for $30, will sell them for half that now due to the dinged-up box. What a deal. $15

I'm up in Andersonville, and would prefer to meet somewhere on the Northside if you're interested. 

I'm gonna be firm on these prices, I think. Figured I'd try here before the netherworld of CL or Ebay.

Email me directly at if interested.


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