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i dont know what else to say, really...

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maybe add some wings, and ya got yerself an all around machine?

i feel it belongs in the darwin awards.


no, the davinci darwin awards.


and yes, i kinda want one, too.

Can't pull a skier.

That thing could really help out during a triathlon

But he's not wearing a helmet -and I think he just ran a stop sign!

I think he might also be texting?

James BlackHeron said:

But he's not wearing a helmet -and I think he just ran a stop sign!

Think of the resistance. I feel leg burn just looking at it.

Drop bars would make it faster by reducing the high degree of wind-drag that will be encountered. 

Judging by the ring on the rear wheel, I will say its motorized. And because I don't see a gas tank, ill say its electric. All the more reason for concern around water.

Because no electric boat has ever been devised...

electric boat - yes.  a top heavy, questionably balanced electric motor in a panier on a bike sitting atop an inflatable pontoon - no

Perhaps, electric or no, a recumbent design would be much better for such a pontoon boat. 


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