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today is monday....have been in bed since Saturday morning with fever and unable to eat anything. couldn't even keep water down! lost three pounds. fever broke last night and i am trying solid food for the first time since friday evening.

Beware the bug!

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do you need anything ?
Stay away from me! Kidding, kidding. Feel better! This past winter was my worst cold/flu winter since I was maybe, 6? Sympathies go out to ya!
I think I have the same bug...Woke up saturday with the worst sore throat I have experienced in years...I can't keep anything down either.

Funny I felt something coming on Friday night after a nice meal and some cocktails. I woke up on Saturday and was not right, worked until about 4pm, then headed home and sunk into the couch. Fever started around 5pm at 100 then by Sunday at 4am it was up to 102.7 I had to change my shirt while I was trying to sleep cuz it was soaked with sweat. Then I ended up having a horrible case of the shits. My girfrlend ( bless her heart ) made me a pot of chicken broth and rice which is what I have been eating since. My fever broke last night at some point. Today I got to work ( no fever ) around 10:30am and around 4pm had to go home a nap for about 1 hr. At 6pm I had an appointment, then another one at 7pm. I am hoping the temp does not come back. Too bad the shits are still with me..........Funny, about once a year I get super sick like this. Last year it was in the winter around New Years. Going home now to hang with MIMI.......
Hope you have a speedy recovery. Let me knnow when you want me to come over and look at the bikes.
Sorry, this was suposed to be a reply to Eric's post. But we could all go look at Anne's bikes.

Martin Hazard said:
Hope you have a speedy recovery. Let me knnow when you want me to come over and look at the bikes.
Thanks everyone, I'm much better now! Bummed I missed such a nice day to ride on Saturday, but things should be really nice by end of week. gotta keep those three pounds i puked out "off" LOL
Glad you're better. Not to jinx myself, but I'm a strong believer in the flu shot. I've gotten it for about 5 yrs. now and have not gotten the flu since.

[And by that I mean the actual flu, not "stomach flu" which is not in any fay wape or shorn related, but we all knew that, right?]


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