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As I was traveling in the pouring rain with my U-lock in my bag. I was wondering,
How do the rest of you carry your U locks?
I have an On Guard Ulock with a cable, and the holder thing was rubbish and broke apart within the first week. I've just been carrying it in my bag, Or clipped between the snap enclosures on my Chrome Bag.

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I lock my commuter bike with a mini U-lock, which is easy to stow in a bag, although often I slip it into the spot on my rear rack between the top rail and the platform. But I have to bungee it down or it sometimes will fly out when I hit bumpy pavement (think Grand Avenue just east of Halsted).

I've never liked the look of a U-lock mounted to the frame. It's practical, I know, but I hate the looks of those brackets.
sometimes though I hate stowing it in my bag, say if i have papers or something in my bag and its raining. or snowing, I was wondering if anyone has any DIY ideas to clipping it on the bag but may outside it. Or maybe that makes no sense
I also bungee my Krypto Evo lock to the rack on the back of my MTB. For my road bike, I throw it into my backpack. I also have one of those cheapie giveaway drawstring type bags that I use just for the lock. When I get where I'm going I roll up that little bag and put it in my pocket. I hate seeing locks mounted to the frame too, just love the clean look of an uncluttered frame.
For my fixed gear bike, both wheels are bolt on. I use a standard size u-lock and a mini to lock both wheels. For the standard size lock, most of the time I put it in my bag, or clip it on the outside of my bag if it's been out in the rain. My touring bike has locking wheel skewers so for that I just use a mini through the frame which tuck into my belt in the back. I've put it on my rack before, but even with a bungee I don't like the rattling.
Tho my u-locks are dusty right now, I carry 2 minis. One goes to lock up the front wheel, the second through the triangle and lock up the rear wheel. I usually carry a cable for locking my seat too.

The evils of urban cycling.
back pocket.... or check out Fabric Horse. I dont remember their website address but you can get all the same information off of their myspace.. and I think it has a link to their website. Check it out!
Don't forget how annoying it is to ride next to you, Howard, with your lock rattling around.

And what's with that innertube in the warped cardboard box held down with a bungie on your rear rack? Do you move it each time you carry something? Why not leave it where you move it?

Oh, and buy a nice new bike already.
h3 said:
Handlebars, most of the time. 2 full-sized U-locks. Caveat-- although I've been doing it for years without a problem, if you try it, your handlebars will snap off from the stress of the locks banging about about 3 seconds after the U-lock accidentally shifts and locks up the steerer against the head-tube causing you to crash (or so I'm told, repeatedly.)
On my hybrid, I stick my Krypto Evolution down into my rack between the platform and one of the side rails, and then bungee it to the rack supports (rackstays? hehe).

I still need to get a rack for my road bike, so I use my backpack for clothes and lock then.
oooo i like these. . i wonder if i can make my own.

Justin said:
back pocket.... or check out Fabric Horse. I dont remember their website address but you can get all the same information off of their myspace.. and I think it has a link to their website. Check it out!
I like to cary a krypto cable along with my u lock so i can lock up extra bikes or get my front wheel. i put both ends through the u lock and wear it like a over my shoulder, with the u lock hanging on the side. not the best explanation but i hope the idea gets across
My husband carries a long Krypto lock with his medium-size Chrome bag fastened to the two flap closures--close the flap, lay the lock on top horizontally, then buckle both straps through the lock. It doesn't work with smaller locks or bigger bags, though.

Sometimes when I'm riding my road bike I buckle my mini U-lock through one of the flap fasteners, but with a longer lock it swings around annoyingly.
i gave up carrying the u-lock since the only time i lock it is while at work, so i leave my u-lock on the bike rack at work. the only trouble is that i can only go into places that allow bicycle inside.


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