my onguard pitbull mini wont open.  it's locked to my bike downtown.   the key turns about 120 degrees but needs to go 180 to unlock.  i hit it with wd40 but no luck .  had been acting up for a while now but always unlocked after 10secs or so.

any tips or advice getting it removed/cut appreciated.  thanks!

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They sell lock fluid at hardware stores. There are probably various formulas, but something that contains alcohol might help thaw out any ice that's formed inside the lock.

thanks skip.  that is something worth trying.   it might not be ice bc the problem unlocking would happen even if it was warmer.  lock jams before it turns the whole way, and i would wiggle the key or lock and eventually it would turn effortlessly the rest.  happened tuesday like that when i locked it the last time.  

still worth a shot.  

I agree with Mr H. On Guards have a reputation of jamming up after a few years of heavy use. I stick with Kryptonite or Abus. If all else fails maybe you can rent a angle grinder. No one will probably even care when you saw it away.

I have an On Guard that worked well for like 4 years of regular use up until I lost all the keys.  Keep a lock lubed and it will last a long time.

In my experience more Kryptonites come back not working after a short time than On Guards.

It's happened to me before. Sometimes it's just bad luck.

Get plenty of lubricant in there and smack it around with a rubber mallet while jiggling the key.

so far today I've had no luck trying to get building engineers to deal with it.  one gave me a bolt cutters but that was a joke.  there's no outlet for their angle grinder where it's locked so may have to get battery operated one.

onguard said to hit it with hammer while jiggling the key.  tried that using bolt cutters as hammer but no luck.  maybe i should go on that stolen bikes for sale facebook page and hire a deviant to break the lock.

Pedal to the People can come out and cut it for you.  Call them at (773) 355-0882.

thanks Mike.  they are coming this afternoon.  guy seemed very enthusiastic to get recommended on chain link

I have a kryptonite that started jamming up and doing the EXACT thing that you described CJ. Make sure you order extra keys if possible because I've snapped keys inside the lock trying to get them open...If you plan on keeping the lock.

I've put something like Park tool polylube in there and it helped. One technique that's worked for me (not always but many times) is pushing the two parts of the lock together while turning the key. be patient--cause i know it's the most frustrating thing trying to get that damn thing open. 

as of now I'm waiting for the pedal to the people guy to cut the lock.  then i will send his receipt and a picture of the cut lock to onguard who indicated they will reimburse me for the cut job and send me a new lock.

i suspect if i was patient enough eventually the lock would open jiggling the key, tapping the lock with a hammer or whatever.  i have 2 extra keys  to work with.  but i've put in a good bit of time already and my patience is kind of done.. so seems like the best idea is to cut and hope for reimbursement.  

fwiw i have a kryptonite 4 from 1988 that still works fine.  once it gave me a little trouble and i squirted some wd40 in it and fixed it.  but it is round key that you can pick with a pen.  and of course anecdotal.  

pedal to the people showed up .  took Adam about 5min to angle grind both sides of the lock.  sparks flying..spectacular.  $25bucks, not bad.  thanks for your help everybody

Did anyone say anything as he was cutting the lock? I suspect bike thieves have a very easy time plying their trade as most Chicago residents are oblivious to whats going on around them.


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