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If you’ve recently ridden down Damen between Lawrence and Wilson or just heard the scuttlebutt, then you know that Turin is about to re-open for the coming season with a new (to us) home in Ravenswood. With what’s sure to be a crazy summer in front of us, we’re looking to hire uniquely qualified applicants for positions in sales, service and perhaps a little of both.


All applicants must have a strong retail and customer service background. They should be well organized, clean (no smelly bike bums!) and be able to speak enthusiastically about all types of bikes. All levels of mechanical ability will be considered but experience working on at least your own bike is preferred.


Previous bike shop or industry experience is not necessary. While we are obviously looking for friendly, outgoing people to help round out our staff, the right person for these positions must also be able to work well with unreasonable customers while maintaining a positive attitude. Surly shop rats are invited to apply at one of the city’s many other bike shops for the coming season.


These positions are part-time/seasonal though full-time hours may be available as the season progresses.


Anyone interested in taking part in a new chapter of Turin’s history is encouraged to forward their resume’ along with a l’il something about yourself to

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