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GITy Up!: Off-Road, this year on Columbus Day weekend and close by in the Palos forest preserves, picked up some extra fun add-ons thanks to some CAMBr volunteers:

  • Kati & Michael Pritchett, REI MTB instructors, are leading a mini mountain biking for beginners clinic & trail ride starting at 1pm on Saturday;
  • CAMBr South president Baruk Balkuv will play tour guide to 5 breweries within a 45 minute trail ride of Camp Bullfrog Lake, starting Saturday at high noon;
  • Thanks to heavy CAMBr patronage, Imperial Oak Brewery in Willow Springs is sponsoring GITy Up with a cooler full of growlers to wash down s'mores Saturday night

You can read more about what CAMBr's help means to the event and to all of us who ride, hike or run on their trails.

GITy Up! supports the work of Trails for Illinois. We want to make your home your trailhead! And this year's GITy Up will kick back some proceeds to CAMBr to help them continue their work in our region.

Sign up here:

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