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Trade my VO leather sprung touring saddle for your B72 or B17?

I have the saddle slammed on my tandem and with the sprung Velo Orange saddle on I'm still too short for it. Anyone have an unloved Brooks B72 or B17 or VO unsprung touring saddle they'd like to trade for this one: in brown? It's in nice shape, originally installed on a project bike that didn't get many miles and it's never been rained/snowed on.

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Hi, I'd be interested.

I have a B17 in black which I purchased in January. I've applied sno-seal to it, and have ridden nearly everyday since then. It's still in fine shape, though. Let me know if you're interested and I could send a pic later today.


Eric, sounds good to me. Is it a standard version? I'm in Logan Square. Let me know when you're around to rendezvous.

Yep, it's the run-of-the-mill B17. Got in black, unsprung, and realized I wanted brown and sprung shortly afterwards. This would be a great trade!

I should be in Logan Square area throughout the week (I live in uptown, but work near damen and chicago).

Sent a friend request so we can PM about meeting up.


I've never seen that VO saddle before.  I'm jonesing for a Brooks B66, but that VO saddle is sixty bux less.

In case any other offer doesn't work out, I have a B17 Standard S, honey colored, that's been ridden some but never fully broken in. I don't really want to trade for another saddle, but will consider reasonable offers for purchase.

(Decided I'd rather have a flyer, and don't really need a second Brooks.)

I swapped with Eric today. Even got some free cakeballs. Now, that's a deal.

Ash, you should apply for the free beta-test offer for their new Brooks Vegan saddle alternative to the traditional hamburger-skin B17.

I'll wait for the siberian tiger and manatee skin version.

I treasure my polar bear fur saddle with Ivory inlay. 


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