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I am 5'5 and this frame feels compact and very responsive on the track. 

Always loved riding this but can't bear to continue seeing it not being ridden anymore.

I bought it from Graham Weigh Cycles, in England, in the late 1990's.  Raced it up to 2nd Cat at Herne Hill velodrome for 6 years, then at Kissena for another 4.  Only a handful of minor accidents but most of the damage was limited to me. The next 8 years it has been purely decorative.

Still in great condition.

Frame: Protal 7005 - Heat Treated Aluminium Alloy

Stem: Ambrosio Lite 1

Crank - Miche Primato

Chainring - Miche 1/8" 49 teeth (might have another couple of chainrings/sprockets)

Wheels: Mavic Open Pro on Miche Primato track hubs.

Tires: Continental Radsport - brand new

Pedals: Look PP146 - ancient.

Saddle: Felt Sport Comfort - near new

Front fork is drilled.

More photos available if interested.

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Sweet bike! If I still had fantasies of track racing I'd be all over it. 

Bump.. we just bought another bike!!

Need more room in the apartment so this has to go and be ridden elsewhere.

Afternoon! Is the bike still available?

Message me when you have a chance, thank you!


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