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I'm wondering if any Chainlinkers have done the Tour de Shore ride in past years (and doing it again this year) or, like me, are participating for the first time this year?

Every year for the past few years, I've thought about doing it, but for various reasons, I never did. When I sat at one of the SAG stops last year and watched the riders come in, rest and fuel up and then get back on their way (all the while looking like they were having a great time), I determined that "next year I'm gonna do this." 

My best ride distance in one day last year was just 32 miles, and that just about killed me, so I have some work to do. However, I figure I have a little over four months to train, which should be plenty of time.


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At first I was surprised to see that 32 miles in a day almost killed you--but then I remembered the first time I rode TEN miles and how exhausted I was. Same for the first time I rode 20 miles.

Collapsing in your bed after riding 50, 60, 70, or more miles in a day is a great feeling. I recommend it. :)

Yeah, I did a 30 mile organized ride last summer (plus a two mile got lost "detour." Don't ask LOL) but the furthest I had ridden before that was just about 20 miles, so by the time I got back to the start / finish line, my legs were like two gummi worms, my butt was sore (I will never again break in a new saddle with a 32 mile ride. OUCH) and I was completely exhausted. 


I am doing a 65 miler 2 weeks prior and usually work Saturdays, so I doubt I can get another Saturday off in the same month. That, and the 65 miler charity ride is free.

With that said, I'd love to do it so if my Saturday schedule ever clears up, it's definitely a goal.

I intend to scope out the Rapha party this Friday for the 230 mile Aids Ride.

Never done the tour, but commenting on the distance. My longest ride was 40 slow miles, than i ended up trying to a long day 120 miles couldnt finish it did about 85 but it was good. just ride a lot doesnt have to be a lot of super long rides but maybe 20-25 miles rides and than a longer one once in a while 

I was in a similar situation when I participated for the first time two years ago. I was doing 22 miles twice a week with the local bike club and once a month a random longer ride usually around 40-50 miles. I've seen people complete this ride on single speeds so I have no doubt that you can do it. 

Having done it I can say its a blast just seeing the scenery and meeting other people. I recommend camping if that's an option for you, nothing like jumping into the lake after day 1. Enjoy the ride.


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