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This Saturday in Palmer Square! Bikes, beer, festival, music and all sorts of fun! Bring your friends and family for one of the best summer festivals in Chicago. Proceeds benifit West Town Bikes. Parade starts at 10am, registration at 9am, festival 11am and goes until 4pm. Come out and join the fun!

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We'll be there. Pretty excited about it as last year was a blast!
Alex, as usual, great party!
My photos of the excellent event, mainly headshots:
\o/ This year was very fun! Thanks for the time you put into this.
I had a great time. Kudos to those who volunteered their time to make it happen.
"The Pit" with all the crazy bicycle contraptions was by far the most fun I've had in a while. It got pretty dangerous a few times while I was in there not to mention it was later in the day so I'm sure everyone was feeling pretty good from the super fresh beer which was fan-f-ing-tastic btw.

One of the bikes I was riding had a chain attached from the crank area to a metal clicker that would click as you rode. It also had coaster brakes so I was enjoying some sliding in the grass from time to time. Unfortunately on one of my runs while gaining speed for a slide I pushed it to hard and the chain popped off. Needless to say it had no brakes so I ended up on my ass nearly colliding with the railing which I'm sure was pretty entertaining for those watching. Now I know what it feels like to have a single speed chain pop off while riding. I hope that never happens to me because it was pretty damn scary.

I ended up putting the chain back on and riding around to make sure it was ok before placing it aside for another crazy contraption. There were so many bikes that I got tired before I could try them all out. Next year I will have to bring a camcorder and record myself and my friends adventures in The Pit, after a few beers of course. Good Times!
That was my first Tour de Fat and the best time ever. I have some pictures and videos up here.

Great photos as always, Don!
so sad I missed this, after looking forward to it since last year's. drank entirely too much friday night, overslept, missed everything, and was in bed til 3:45PM. and i even live on palmer square. total failure.
I posted some pictures. This year was just as fun as the last. It was great to finally meet some new people from the chainlink. It was nothing but good times with good beer!
Tour De Fat a HUGE Success!

Thanks to New Belgium Brewing for bringing Tour De Fat to Chicago to celebrate creative creation, bikes and community on July 11th in beautiful Palmer Square! Proceeds from the event benefit the youth and community work of West Town Bikes, NFP.

Thank You to the many volunteers who made this event possible and all of the participants who came out to support West Town Bikes and have a great time!

Tour de Fat Tomorrow!
Tour de Fat is coming to Chicago JUNE 26th! Join West Town Bikes and New Belgium Brewery for a community ride and festival celebrating bicycles in Palmer Square! This carnival of fun and creativity is West Town Bikes' biggest fund raiser of the year. Proceeds from the event support youth bicycle education programming through out the City of Chicago! We filled all 130 volunteer slots !! If you're interested in helping out please spread the word and bring your friends to enjoy the festivities June 26th.
More at and
Can't wait for this, anyone else going to Green Music Fest afterwards ?


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