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Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday to make Tour de Fat another big success and a fantastic fun time! Congrats to Iggi on the new bike and dumping that old car. A very special thank you to our many volunteers who helped make it all possible.

Anyone who has pictures and video will you please post them and send me links. I would really like to be able to use them for some of our reporting as well as have a record of the good times. Thanks and cheers!


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Hey Alex,

I posted a photo-album of Tour de Fat right here.

I have about 150 higher-res shots and you can use any of them you like. Cheers - lee

Congrats, on another well done event. The rain gods were in your cards for a perfect bikey day!


I have them working young.....picture here.

Only bike pic I have. I'd really buy that bike just to see how fast I could go.
Even though Julie's already posted a link to one of the pictures, here's another one, to the whole album :)
anybody see a cow bike??
I loved riding that bike! Did you try out the bike merry-go-round they had in the center of the yard? It was fantastic! I tried to get a video of it, will let you know if it turned out.

Mike Zumwalt said:

Only bike pic I have. I'd really buy that bike just to see how fast I could go.
Thanks Lee, Julie and Mike! Keep 'em coming folks...
This one? I saw it last year :)

Marty A. said:
anybody see a cow bike??
here's a few videos:


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