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Tour de Fat - Chicago, Illinois


Saturday July 16th





Yes folks, the Tour de Fat will once again be meandering and pandering through 13 U.S. cities spreading the good word about the positive societal offerings of the bicycle. Along with our exceptional ability to roust a city’s inner-cyclist, in 2011 we hope to drive our message even deeper by bringing you the biggest, most enjoyable traveling bike festival that we know of.


The Ride begins at 10 am at Palmer Square, but be there early to register.

Stay and enjoy the fun after the ride with music and theatrics by Squirm Burpee CircusDovekinsDaredevil Chicken ClubMucca Pazza and Free Energy.

This ballyhoo of good times will be benefitting West Town Bikes.

Stay tuned to the TdF Facebook page for updates and further details.





VOLUNTEER, to make Tour de Fat a success for West Town Bikes!



That's right, WTB needs volunteers to make it all happen. Click Here to find out more!



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CANNOT WAIT! My fav party of the year.
I want to volunteer but can't find a link or signup. You got anything for me??

From the "click here" link at the bottom of the OP:


Please contact West Town Bikes' Office Manager, Coralee Montes, to let her know what position and at what time you will be available to volunteer. Contact her by email at


(To others-- detailed volunteer description at linked page, you'll want to take a look before contacting)

Will there be a non-facebook option for those of us who wish to follow updates but refuse to friend the cult of Zuckerberg?  Perhaps a ride calender entry here at the chainlink?

Would be nice.  Nobody should ever have to see this:

when clicking on a link to get information about an open event.

JOIN US!  EVERYBODY is doing it!
Aha, on my phone and the link wasn't showing up - so thanks! Sent an email and will be there either way. My first year and am really excited. 
yeah man, we doin this.
I hate working Saturdays!!!
Bumpin' this up, we still need a whole lot of volunteers to make this happen! Find out more here to volunteer. The best party of the Summer needs you to make it possible, thanks!

Alex, the eventbrite page isnt working properly, so i believe.  no way to actually RSVP.


im happy to volunteer my time for shift A for the beer tent.

or the DIY tent

You have my axe!


Thankfully it doesn't fall on my wife's birthday this year. :)



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