I'm planning a trip to Toronto perhaps on the 13 or Thanksgiving weekend.
Any one have any good suggestions for biking trails or sight seeing roads around Toronto?
Websites or links to where I can find info is also welcomed
I'm open to any ideas. I'm thinking of staying there from Friday til Monday morning.
This is my first time there and I would love to see Toronto on a bike.

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TO has a great on-street network (watch out for those tracks, though) and some really substantial off-road paths -- but the inland ravine (river) paths are much more substantial than the lakefront. One resource: http://bikeunion.to/
Just a heads up...The beautiful city's cycling laws state that your bike be equipped with a bell. I was there last summer for the world messenger championships. On my commute to the race site, I was pulled over by the police for not having one. Also, if you're a hotdog eater, toronto's got a good one. Definitely go for the hot corn relish. Enjoy Toronto!
Sweet info Payton and Pedal.
Much appreciated! I'm looking into that website Payton suggested.


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