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hello all,

some sexy cycling gals got together to make a 2009 Pin-Up Calendar, and it's not long until the scheduled release at the BikeWinter Art Show opening party on February 13. if you have no idea what i'm talking about, check out our press release below!

we're working on a website, though it's unclear if online sales will happen—so get yourself to the Art Show if you want a copy!! the website does offer e-mail updates; sign up on to stay in the loop. see you at the art show!

(aka Miss February... perhaps you noticed the teaser thumbnail in my profile?)

TyK: Thought you Knew! PinUp Calendar to Release Valentines 2009
Proceeds to benefit Chicago Women's Health Center

If you thought you knew the women who zip past you on bikes during your daily commute, or perhaps made some assumptions about that lady locking up her bike to go grocery shopping, this year's TyK [Thought you Knew] Pinup Calendar may rattle you a bit.

Scheduled for release in time for Valentines day, with a limited print run to be sold at the 2009 Bike Winter Art Show, the TyK calendar will show you the ladies of the bicycle in ways you've never dreamed.

The idea for the Pinup Calendar first cropped up nearly two years ago. As a few friends enjoyed a warm Chicago fall night on their back porch they joked about guys' perceptions of girls on bikes. If a girl was on a bike she was either cute or just one of the guys. But she couldn't be both. Or could she?

That night the cute debate became a running joke. But as the months wore on the topic kept returning. What are these hard core bike chicks really like? What do the female bike riders of this city look like when they finally slow down and get off their bike? Those in the bike community might know the answer, but what to be done about the rest of the world?

The answer spans the twelve months of 2009 with ladies stepping off their bikes and into the photo studio. The TyK Pinup Calendar reveals and revels in the multiple identities every woman can embody.

In classic 1950s pinup style, emphasizing the art of the tease and the allure of suggestion, each month features one lady with her bike, rendered into a world of Technicolor fantasy. Accompanying each pinup image are a series of black and white photos of that same woman as the world sees her every day. Would you recognize them if you were walking down the street when they peddled past? We doubt it. But the challenge is yours to take.

Proceeds for all sales of the TyK Pinup Calendars go to The Chicago Women's Health Center. Calendars will be available for sale at the Chicago Bike Winter Art Show. Single prints of each month will be available, signed, at the show, paired with a black and white 'reality' photo. Online sales are pending.

Currently, to cover the costs of printing, TyK is offering full color logo space for each month of the calendar. All sponsors will also be represented on an opening "Thanks" page of the calendar. Please contact Alexis Finch ( for further information on sponsorship.

TyK Works to raise women's awareness of their strength and femininity while providing a supportive and informative community.

Our very own Miss July! (photo by Michelle Nolan)

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Sounds hot!
it sure is! here's a composite of the 12 teaser thumbnails:

AND if any individuals want to help out, we sure could use your contributions! we're aiming to cover our printing costs through donations and sponsors so that all, yes ALL, or our sales proceeds can go directly to the Chicago Women's Health Center.

i will be collecting donations before and after tomorrow's CCM Polka Ride, so please look for me in Daley Plaza near the Eternal Flame, or at Lincoln Lanes after the ride, if you have something to contribute! (i'll have a "Thought You Knew!" cardboard sign at the plaza in case you can't recognize me under all my gear!) checks should be made out to the Chicago Women's Health Center, with "TyK Calendar" in the memo field; cash is cool too.
No creepy old guys with beards to drool over ?????? Darn, how about a sailor or 2. I mean you do know what is long hard and has sea men in it ?

A submarine ....
can't wait to get myself a copy!
I just met Alexis - sounds like you're making progress on the $$. Congrats; can't wait to get my copy!
I'm in...
Sweet! Thanks guys!
how are we supposed to know what day it is until the release? counting the days..
I think it's slated to be released on the 13th. Go to the bike winter art show...
we're having a "Going to Press" Party this Friday from 6-9pm at Green Eye Lounge if you want to get a sneak peak at the PinUp pics!

the calendar will actually be OUT FOR SALE on the 13th. not only at the Bike Winter Art Show, but at Bike Shops, Cafes, Boutiques. . . [Early 2 Bed for instance!] . . .

There will be a FULL list of WHERE TO BUY up on the website once it's complete, but you can go to NOW and sign up to get a notification when the sites goes LIVE!

oh my oh my oh my. . .

and ladies?
we've got a group on here now if you want to join. we'll be shooting the 2010 calendar around August or so. so we'll be needing 12 new bike chicks to transform into Priceless PinUps! sorry guys. no plans for you yet. but if you want to sponsor next year, well. il be sure to keep EVERYONE posted!


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