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A segment of The Barber Shop Show dealt with cycling in Chicago, and made particular mention of the number of deaths of cyclists this year in town. Unfortunately, the thing that stood out most in my mind was hearing  the host and reporter repeatedly refer to these events as "accidents."

At the risk of beating a dead horse  or preaching to the choir, i'll share the email i sent them at Vocalo (WBEZ's satellite station which produces this show.) If you think you might agree and have something to add, please let them know at:


Just listened to your piece on bicycling in Chicago (WBEZ, 11 Dec.) While i'm glad that you somewhat covered the number of this year's cyclists' deaths and White Bike Memorials, i was appalled that the host and reporter repeatedly referred to these incidents as "accidents." These were NOT accidents, rather they were avoidable crashes and collisions, To refer to these events as "accidents" only serves to remove people -especially drivers- from responsibility and liability for causing needless deaths.

i would ask you and your partners at WBEZ news to kindly stop referring to traffic incidents -especially those involving death or injury of pedestrians or cyclists as "accidents."

Thank you for your consideration,


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