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Yesterday my Brooks B17N along with my seatpost (and tail light and clip on fender)
was stolen from in front of the library on campus at DePaul. I also noticed a bike that seemed to have its rear wheel stolen at roughly the same time. 

Any idea where to track down stolen parts like this? I filed a police report, but I'm not optimistic about the police tracking down a bike seat. I've trolled through Craigslist and ebay, but I'm wondering if there's a local place where something like this might turn up.

Any help is appreciated. In the mean time, I guess I have to be thankful that the rest of my bike was still there.

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Paying money to the bike thief to get YOUR property back is counter productive.

Both reports u filed wont matter i'm sorry to say. Posting on here is likely not helpful either as the thieves are on here too and know all the tricks. And lastly u r battling the "community" as well. Since the thieves are bikers they operate under the guise of being humans when they are not. Oh and i think since there is no real recourse against Beezodog i'm gonna end all my posts with: Fuck you Beezdog! :)

I don't know what could possibly be taken as proof of ownership of a saddle or seatpost at Swap O Rama.

The guys who deal in the good bike parts there (was a Yellow van and they tended to prefer the very northeast corner last I was there) are nasty fucks and will tell you to take a hike and possibly threaten you.

Security will not be helpful unless you have a receipt with a serial number.

Very small chance of getting a cop to show up-- and then if you have a police report and maybe something else that could be used to constitute proof, the cop might help if s/he happens to hate that place enough and not be annoyed that they have been summoned to help recover a bike seat.  But tiny chance of that last scenario (plus you would have to spot and be sure it's your saddle from a distance, because if they see you inspecting it it will be disappeared very quickly.)

Michael Perez said:

Either that or show proof its yours. One or the other, or just let it go.

El Dorado said:

Paying money to the bike thief to get YOUR property back is counter productive.


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