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Hey all,

Wanted to give you the heads up that there will be a 20% sale starting tomorrow 11/20, and running through 11/26.  Then it switches to a 15% sale 11/28 - 12/1. 

I included a link to get all the sale details. Call ahead to your closest location to be sure they have the size you need.  Feel free to contact me directly at 312-266-1700 to reserve one by phone. Please let any of the sales people you speak with know that I sent you.

Thanks, PJ

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Sweet! I will be there to pick up a pair of glasses!

the wool jerseys are nice! they do run a bit bigger just an fyi.

I love both my winter and summer Chainlink jerseys. In fact, my wife told me that she actually like the look of the summer jersey. I don't recall her ever saying anything nice about anything else in my bike wardrobe before, so that's a high recommendation. :-)

Yes, you do need to come into the store to complete the transaction.  Though you can call me here at 219 w Erie @312-266-1700 to reserve one with a 20% discount, you will need to provide a refundable $20 hold via the phone.  Also, supplies are already running out, down to just 3 mediums company wide.

Thanks, PJ 

i have a large if anybody wants to swap with me for a medium,,,,large fits fine but would prefer a medium for myself,,,mine is practically new.

Current Stock Qty. company wide:

small 2

small blue 2

medium 4

large 5

extra large 3

Like I said, you can call me to reserve one, the sale is only through the 26th, and I can arrange to have it at the closest Kozy's for you to pick-up. 


Here's a pic of PJ sporting a wool jersey on the podium at the Midwest CX Regionals in Grand Rapids, MI. Still may be some for sale at some of the Kozys. You'll have to call. 

Note: Only a limited number of jerseys were produced in blue. Kozy did have a few in that color.  

I like mine. Need to wear something under it though so the embroidery stitching doesn't rub...


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