An article about the proposed flyover near Navy Pier- sounds like a great idea and maybe there will be cash to make it a reality:

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I was talking with a friend at work about riding along the LFP from the north side into the loop. I asked him about riding between Oak Street Beach and Navy Pier and he said that he gets off the path at Oak Street and cuts over to Wells to ride south from there. The stretch I mentioned is not really very good for joggers or bicyclists in any season and in winter its unpassable. Two thirds of the path there is on a slope and the remainder is so torn up that anyone walking there, let alone jogging, risks a fall or worse. This got me to thinking about the proposed Navy Pier Flyover, a roughly 50 million dollar project that I'd read has been approved and funded but won't be finished until 2018 and hasn't even been started yet. They've been rebuilding the lakefront barrier for several years now and the area at Irving Park is in dire need of repair. They really should consider rebuilding the stretch I mentioned and fold the flyover into that project. It would sure be nice to have an all season lakefront path. Our hometown president just got his contract renewed for another 4 years. Can't someone ask him to fork over another 25 million or so to fix it up? C'mon, to the Feds, that's not even pocket change.

There was a bit of a discussion of this plan here:

DUH! . . .  Seven years later and counting.

You'd think with an election coming up a high-visibility project like this would be fast tracked, this makes the City look ridiculous IMO.

I looked at the numerous comments on the the Navy Pier Flyover and did not see one with this information.

February 24, 2021 I rode over the Chicago River on the new bike lane! The entire Flyover is rideable!

There are numerous workers working on what likely will be the pedestrian lane, east side closest to lake scenery. The blocked off lanes of lower lakeshore drive are still full of equipment and supplies, but you can ride over the bike bridge! Another caveat is the stretch between Ohio Street Beach and Oak Street Beach is covered with a foot of snow and ice so once you ride over the flyover you have to U turn or exit. The flyover is rideable, we have a president who does not use hate speech daily, and I have an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine. 
see you on the road,

Magnifique! I suspect we'll all have forgotten all the delays by the end of summer.


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