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The Longest Day Bike Ride


Tonight Why aren't you Going.


We'll be Stopping at Emil's in Mundelein afterwards

Emil's Sports-bar and Pizza 

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You picked a good day!
Norm, how did it go with the storm??? You all safe? I heard the burbs got hit hard.
The ride eas a blast.. Litterally. We had only 8 riders. It rained a little on the way out at half way we saw lots of lightning then we saw a lots of Lightning Bugs. Then it started raining then then warning sirens went off as it became very windy, (Nice Tailwind ) :). We came up to a tunnel so we ducked in as the storm was at it peak. We made it back safely and all had fun stories to tell from now on!
Wow!  Happy you all had fun and made it home safely.


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