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Hello all you wonderful folks of Chainlink!


Just wanted to ask for your assistance and awareness regarding the Heartland Cafe's struggles.  It seems that they have dug themselves into a financial hole and need their patrons to help them out.  I am sharing this because the owner is a dear friend of my family.  Mike James and my father were close friends and grew up together back in Westport, CT.  Though they took very different paths in life, it was ironic that they both fell in love with the Midwest and the Chicagoland area.  So, Heartland has become a favorite of mine over the years with memories of Mike and my Father telling stories from their boyhood...


Please be aware that they are struggling and without the help of neighbors they could be forced to close their doors forever.  Feel free to share ideas, group meet ups, or even schedule a ride event that focuses on bringing a little business to their door. 


I was thinking possibly having a meet up (maybe a short ride as well?) Wednesday, Oct. 13th.  We could just do a bar night or dinner meet up....please feel free to share some ideas!


Attached is a link for Heartland's website that explains some of the details.  There is also postings in Tribune, Sun Times, and the Reader regarding the circumstances and ways to help.


Thanks for taking a moment to read this and hope you can find it in your heart to help a long standing business that is very community driven. 


Also, feel free to contact me if you want to coordinate a special event, or an already scheduled ride that you would like to include the Heartland on.  I would be more then willing to get in contact with Mike and let them know your coming!


Thanks again, PJ


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Thanks for everyone sharing their thoughts and experiences.

It is unanimous! I will post to the calendar a meet up at Heartland for this Wed. night. Hope many of you can drop by....

Thanks, PJ
Looks like a pretty charming place to hang out. I'll see if I can make it on Wednesday.
Love the Heartland! Very Good nacho plate indeed!
It's my understanding that this isn't the first time that they have had to do fundraisers to keep their busnesses open. Don't get me wrong, I like these places and what they offer, but they really should sell to someone who knows how to run a business and stay on as the founders.



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