Coming on August 21, 2017, "The Great American Eclipse".
The Adler Planetarium will have an exhibit on the event called, 'Chasing Eclipses'.
Check out the exhibit in the upcoming months and we could perhaps make it into a Bicycle Astronomy group event on 8-21-17. A Viewing Party by Bike of 'The Great American Eclipse'. I could lead a ride from the Plaza to the Planetarium (or lakefront) for the BA group members and also open the event up to any CL members to join in. Hopefully, more TBA!

Since the eclipse will be occurring on a workday Monday around 1pm, some may have to work the am and/or take some time off to view this once in a lifetime occurrence. I am leaning towards gathering at the Polish Triangle (Milwaukee/Division) at 10-11am. Then leave ~11:30am to get a good lakefront spot. I'm guessing this will be a popular draw to the Planetarium and many places along the lakefront if the weather is clear. I love the Milton Olive Park area at Ohio for a good clear open viewing spot of this eclipse. It could be a lunch picnic viewing party type of event till 2pm+~. So as of now, that's the proposed tentative plan, if fate allows. . . Ideas, suggestions? Event finalized and posted later. . .

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For those wanting a supported ride during the TOTAL eclipse, ride is on the Katy Trail.
For those ok with an unsupported ride, Tunnel Hill Trail east of Carbondale is in the Totality path in Aug 2017 and Apr 2024.  As a bonus, set up your telescope near the Tunnel Hill Tunnel.  Stand inside to acclimate your eyes if the dimming light is not enough.

Chicago will get down to about 90% on both occasions.

A Bicycle Astronomy Group Event has been posted. Please join us Monday, August 21, 2017 at 11am in Milton Lee Olive III Park until 3pm. Further details may follow.

Consider buying some safe solar eclipse glasses ahead of time before they are sold out.
I may buy these to share or something better.

Photo album:

Yes! The skies gave us an amazing, unique and filtered view of the solar eclipse. After the peak was clouded over and many disappointed viewers sulked away depressed and rode off, the eclipse recovered in a glorious finale ! Bravo ! . . .
Thank you to all in Bicycle Astronomy ! See you all down the road ! . . .
I forgot to say thanks to Hugh for bringing the awesome welder's mask for viewing the eclipse ! They were far better than the paper eclipse glasses ! See U . . . !


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