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I just got a bike work stand from Velo Orange, and based on some minor chores that I completed last night in the workshop, this is the best purchase that I have made tool-wise in 2009.

In light of the media bombardment of best of lists, what is the best bike related tool that you have either used or purchased in 2009?

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I this year upgraded to a Park PCS-4 stand, and love it. Having a good stand really seems to make all maintenance tasks about a jillion times easier.

A close second would be the floor pump I purchased this year. Having a nice pump makes it easy for me to check my pressure every day.

Sometimes basic stuff makes all the difference.
That is a sweet stand! I have a few Park brand tools and they are really top notch.
Pedro's brand Tire levers
funny, I just bought some Pedros levers as well, after my last flat. will try them out when I get a flat

Kelvin Mulcky said:
Pedro's brand Tire levers
+1 on the floor pump, I don't know why I waited so long to get a real pump.

Hey how stable is that two leg stand? Is it pretty solid?
Hcw-5 lockring and and bb cup wrench...

Great tool...
pedros trixie - a super handy multi-tool:
- 15mm box end wrench.
- Lock ring hook.
- 8,9,10mm box end wrenches.
- 5mm hex.
- Of course, a bottle opener.

And it weighs less than the 15 mm combo wrench it replaced in my tool kit!

Another favorite tool I got this year is a cheater bar (section of pipe) I pulled off of a piece of infomercial fitness equipment I found in the garbage. Without it, the pedals on my Continental were not budging.

And runner up is a T section of copper tubing as suggested HERE on the Chainlink to remove the Conti's thirty pound kickstand.
Vando said:
Hey how stable is that two leg stand? Is it pretty solid?

The stand is very stable. It's the third stand I've had and the best by far. I liked this one because it folds up and is fairly portable, something that's important since my space is limited.
Tony Adams said:
Runner up is a T section of copper tubing as suggested HERE on the Chainlink to remove the Conti's thirty pound kickstand.
Woot! That was me. Glad someone out there could reap the benefits of my struggle with those f-ing kickstands. I would have to say that is my #1 tool for the year.

My second is finally getting around to buying a proper stand. I ended up with a Park Tools PCS-10. Wanted the PCS-4 but I needed something more portable (colapseable) but just as rugged. I couldn't be happier with it. Although I did end up gluing some rubber strips (from a home gasket kit) to the insides of the clamp. The hard plastic they used concerns me it will scratch up my bikes. The rubber solved the issue and only cost something like $3 from the hardware store.

I think I will be getting one of those Pedro's Trixie tools to add to my road repair kit. Had an issue with my lockring coming loose the other night and had nothing to properly tighten it back down with for the ride home. This tool will solve that issue in the future.
+ 1 on the Park Stands. Got one earlier this year and love it. I clamp to the seatpost when I can to avoid paint scratches.

But my favorite tool this year was a can of "Freeze-off". Bought it at a auto store for $5. A stuck seatpost that I had been trying to remove for weeks came off in less than 5 minutes with this stuff. Highly recomended!
A toss up between a proper Sturmey Archer come wrench or a double boxend Whitworth spanner. Both has made working on old British iron much easier.
Pedro's Vice Whip. Replace chain whips forever. Maybe a little spendy for the home mechanic, but a new standard for shops.

I'm a little surprised by the popularity here of the Park home stands. I stopped carrying them this year after enough bad feedback (ie they are wobbly compared to tripod style and the clamps eventually stop working)...

I know they are not for everyone, but I have completely switched to the new Euro style stands for races or when I need to go portable. For those who like Park, the PRS-20 is easily available -- but I prefer the Minoura 1500. The dang thing is under 6 pounds, folds down to nothing, and is easy to use and very very stable.



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