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Opinions on? The 606 - Bloomingdale Trail * Fall Update

The 606 now enters Chicago's changing seasons ! Cyclists': It's now yours to enjoy !

Chicago's Season's - (Summer)May-Sept. (Fall)October (Winter)November-March (Spring)April. TRUE !

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So what did you think of the 606 Trail & the opening day celebration? < 606 OPENING CEREMONY CHAINLINK EVENT >

The 606 Opening Celebration Participation, Saturday June 6th, 2015 at 8am till 9pm.

Cyclists: Join the Bike Procession organized by West Town Bikes to the 606 (Bloomingdale Trail) Grand Opening Celebration. Details and event posting soon to follow.

Join us on Saturday 6/06/15. Be among the first to experience The 606, Chicago's new park and trail system, over a decade in the making. Clear your calendar so you can celebrate all day with a series of joyful processions along the Bloomingdale Trail, a lively street festival on Humboldt Boulevard, and day-long fun at The 606 access parks: Walsh, Churchill Field, Park 567 at Milwaukee/Leavitt Ave and at Julia de Burgos Park.

In addition to enjoying the trail for the first time with your friends, family and neighbors, you can play a more active role in the festivities.

*Join a pre-planned procession
*Plan your own procession
*Host an activity booth at the festival site
*Volunteer with The 606 team

Learn more and sign up at: or visit

See you Saturday, June 6th, for the Opening Celebrations, and Sunday, June 7th, for a Community Pancake Breakfast at the Ridgeway Trailhead. All activities are FREE and open to the public. We can't wait to celebrate with all of you !

Tom A.K. - time is precious, our existence is short. LIVE YOUR LIFE !

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Nice! :)

It's finally time for the grand opening of The 606 - Bloomingdale Trail ! See you there !
Good Morning Cyclists ! Let's have a party ! 606 Style ! SEE YA THERE !

Great day to open the 606!  I volunteered all afternoon, mostly just answering questions like when does it close, how long is it, etc.  Just chatting with a some of the jillion or so people who came out for the launch.  Tough day for cyclists, no question, because of the crowds. Sometimes the crowd was so think one couldn't even walk through easily - forget about riding!  I'm eager to see if it becomes a useful route for cyclists.  It looks like it will be smooth and well-lit with no blind turns or curves, so it should be ideal.  I look forward to hearing cyclist reports AFTER this crazy opening weekend.  

Yes Yaj, today was an amazing opening day! A jillion people enjoying the trail on a perfectly beautiful Chicago day! I think when the newness of the trail wears out a bit, it will be a good ride for cyclists, things might flow a little better and cautiously. I live nearby so I plan to be here whenever time permits. It is a unique trail for cyclists to ride!

It needs a little bit more shady areas to cool off & take a break. Grow trees, grow! And yes, it needs some rest rooms(porta-potties).

Thanks for everyone coming out today! I'm going to post some pics on the CL. Let's see some of yours!

Yep it's new and with any multi use trail we have kids running loose, skateboarding, and the lycra corporate ***. I rode it today slowly and felt like I was track standing part of the way but it's a nice ride.

Reviews and photos are piling up on their FB:

There I said:

A fantastic addition to the city. Just needs what everyone's saying: garbage cans, potties, finishing... But wow, there's so much yes about this. Certainly useful for cyclists, but at first ride I'd venture it can't be commuter safe, and may especially become a jog+stroll haven.

I had fun out there...went twice on Saturday. Once at 8am, again at 12:30. Yes it was a little crowded, but that was expected. I was able to ride my bike in the morning and then most of the trail the second time. The only thing I didn't care for was the four or so times that I heard people say "I can't believe they let people ride their bikes on the trail" or another similar variant. I am going to ride through later today and I really hope it doesn't remind me of the lakefront and the reasons I don't ride on the lakefront.

If a gentleman in full kit on the LFT is a "Lakefront Lance," is the same gentleman a "Bloomingdale Boonen" or a "606 Sean" when riding on this newest Chicago gem?  Asking for a friend.

Huh?  Who's complaining or marginalizing?   Have fun and ride safe, Michael!

For each thing added to the world for many it is another thing to complain about. People are long into complaining about the bike lanes (even wanting to tow people parking in them) and the 606 has barely opened and people are complaining about the people on the trail and soon enough the trail itself.

"Nothing shall overshadow
the enjoyment
of the masses! "


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