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Musta hit me from behind; didn't see it coming.

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Ah, the "urban tumbleweed." How long did it take to pick all that out of there?

Urban tumbleweed indeed!


This is one of the reasons why bikes come with "pie plate" spoke protectors that many people think are unnecessary...

At least you got to stop before the chain jammed and the derailleur hanger was torn off.
just use a blowtorch

Ha! My trusty folding knife worked it out in about 5 minutes.

Timothy Hager said:

just use a blowtorch
It'd be a tough call -pull the QR and hope it come out cleanly or start picking directly on the bike.  Having it half in and half off the bike might be worse than working on it directly on the frame.  It's one of those situations where you wish they had bike maintenance stands sitting at every corner in the city.



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