Had a great time at Pitchfork yesterday, and met some great people at the bike parking pen.  Having someone there to register people's bikes on they spot was something I've been dreaming of! (Look for a formal announcement on that soon from Seth H/ bikeindex.org.)

Thanks to Julie for setting up the opportunity!

FYI the singer of Belle and Sebastian made some comments about Divvy.... he said he'd been trying the bikes in various cities (they're Scottish) and found New York stressful, and Chicago much more laid back and pleasant to ride around in, but lamented the fact that the bikes have to be checked in after 30 minutes.

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Thanks, h'! And to everyone who helped out at the bike parking. It was probably the most pleasant festival bike-parking experience I've had. Honestly, as fun as the fest was, the ride home in the light rain with the cool breeze starting was one of the highlights of the day. Back to lurking I go...

Same from me - thank you, friend in bike parking tonight who filled my back tire and thank you for the water each time I entered/exited - so nice to go from that mass of people inside the gates out to the nice bikey people and my steed, safe and sound in the bike area. And the cool breeze on the way home was a great ending to the weekend! 

Yes.  Thank you.  Problem free.  I appreciated the water and that the long chains of racks were broken up a little on Sunday to allow for a few more end-of-rack spots.

I got to Pitchfork about 3pm on Saturday, and by then, the bike parking fun had started.  We took CTA, so I didn't get over to the bike parking, but this amused me as I got off the L.

Clearly, some folks were unaware of the bike parking to the south.


h' 1.0 said:

Well, I thought this might be the first year the CSBR received no reports from Pitchfork, but alas:


Someone left a helmet, bike lock key and pump.  If they are yours, let me know. 


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