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Farewell and Thank You Alisa Hauser - Cycling & Community Reporter! 12-17-18 ♡

"Keep Moving Forward !"  . . .  (6:01)

And a Final Farewell From Me To a Dog Named 'Blu'. Take Care !  (2:53)

                                            photo credit: Alisa Hauser 7:45am, 12-16-18  . . .

Photo's from the party:

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11-30-18 Farewell Alisa Party at 1550 n. Milwaukee Ave. 5 to 8pm. The party then moves to High Noon Saloon, 1560 n. Milwaukee Ave. till ? . . .

11-25-18  Update

Chicago will be losing Alisa Hauser to Portland. 

Thank you Alisa for your coverage of cycling community issues in your beat area of Wicker Park, Bucktown, West Town, plus more.

We appreciate your efforts here and wish you all the best in Portland, Oregon. 

You will be missed.  . . .

"The Hardest Working Beat Reporter in Chicago! "


Thank you Alisa Hauser for your positive coverage of important issues as a cycling community reporter! 

Best wishes in your future endeavors! 


My opinion is, that in society, without the checks and balances of a free press, the freedoms of all of it's citizens is at risk.

"A critical, independent and investigative press is the lifeblood of any democracy." Nelson Mandela

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All the best for you in Portland, Alisa !  . . .

Moving: Must sell soon!  $100  OBO  Torker 300 3 speed city cruiser bike


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