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Hi all,

I'm working on an article for a local magazine that will be like an insider's guide to cool spots that every cyclist in Chicago should know about. I'd like to include a wide range of things, everything from bars/restaurants that are bike friendly to public places to shower to bike shops that offer free beer while you get your flat fixed (are there any?). 

What are your suggestions? Thanks in advance for your input!

Best, Maria

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Recycled bikes and service at 'A Nearly New Shop' @4075 N. Broadway, (773) 525-0692 Mon-Sat noon-8pm.

The Recyclery- recycled bikes, classes, open shop, parts/accesories, varies-

Thanks Fran, that's a good one!

The "bike wash" at Turin Bikes on Damen. Gets all the salt and junk off for us winter riders.  And they do a once over on our bike while the clean.



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