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Hello! My fiance and I, who met on Wicker Park Critical Mass waaay back in 2007, are looking to borrow or rent a tandem cruiser for our engagement photos. If you have one and are down for this, please let me know and we can discuss logistics. :)




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Annie, I don't know if this is cruiser enough for you, might be more mixte, but Bobby's Bike Rentals at various locations along the lake has this one available.

Thanks for the suggestion! I did see that but it's not really what we're looking for. We're looking a vintage Schwinn tandem cruiser or something similar.
Hi Annie- I'd try the usual suspects Working Bikes, West Town Bikes, Recyclery or A Nearly New Shop on Broadway for a used classic loaner! Hope you find what you are looking for. Congratulations!
Friend request sent (or is there a better way to contact you?)



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