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It's been, like, 90% humidity in the morning when I commute to work, and I'm a heavy sweater.  Sexy, I know.  I use one of those headsweats things or a cycling cap under my helmet, which helps, but not enough to keep the sweat from dripping off my forehead directly onto my sunglasses.  Does anybody else have this problem?  Anything I can do about it?  Do those sweat gutter things work?  Thanks for any advice.

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70's headband and wrist sweat bands. ;-)
just constantly pour ice cold water on your head as you ride ... trust me : it beats hot salty taste.

Just freeze a gigantic water bottle before your works for me


Gabe said:
70's headband and wrist sweat bands. ;-)
They work for me . . . I also use these and these. May be it is your bike and the way you sit on it? I ride in almost upright position.
I keep a bandana around my neck or tucked into my strap. then I can just wipe my entire face (when it's tied around my neck), intermittently.
I do the same. Sometimes I just use a bandanna under my helmet and that works pretty well too. Pouring cold water on the back of your neck and on your temples will help cool you down a little faster. Really any pressure point will do.

While this might not be the most convenient for everyone, I often try to leave a few minutes earlier so I can take it a bit easier.

I recently bought these as well to clean up afterwards.
Very easy to carry and significantly less bulk.

Gabe said:
70's headband and wrist sweat bands. ;-)
Thanks for the suggestions. I use a headband when I run, but it doesn't fit well under my helmet. My headsweats thing is similar to the helmet liners mentioned, and it does a pretty good job of keeping a lot of sweat out of my face. I ride about 18-25 mph, and not upright, so I'm sure it would be less of a problem if I rode slower. I'm ok with sweating, I know there's nothing I can do about it, but I'd just like to keep it out of my eyes. The bandana idea is a good one, although it might take something more like a beach towel to soak up my sweat;)
Halo Headband

I have the PROTEX bandana. It keeps sweat out of my eyes and keeps me from having to spray my bald dome with sunscreen.


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