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"Ban bicycles in winter
A person who cycles in conditions like these is a nuisance. We need legislation to control them because they obviously can't control themselves. A good first step would be to ban bicycles in winter."


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Whatever moron wrote that obviously didn't watch the YouTube link h3 shared recently. Or any car on the news this morning. Or bus or semi for that matter. People tend to slip and fall too, how about banning pedestrians?

I was however pondering recently how we would get by if there weren't any plow trucks (anti-car types arguing their car free lifestyle got me thinking). Would a pedal powered vehicle have the grunt to clear packed ice like we have now? And quickly enough to clear all of chicagoland's roadways? If - or should I say when - we get off oil, the stuff like that seems to be the bigger problem than replacing the car.
I'm unclear, is that someone from the ST saying that or a reader?
Silly schmuck, probably had his lunch delivered by bike, the same day he emailed his useless two cents. What an idiot!



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