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Stuff to give away (feel free to post a need as well.)

To pass along:


(edit-- speakers gone, plants ruined by hail, iMac gone)


Some junk bikes/frames that are hanging out in my garage for no good reason.  Salvageable parts on them. A red Gary Fisher Tarpon that's about 90% whole.  An older aluminum Gary Fisher with a bad dent in the frame.  I think there's a specialized mountain bike in fairly bad shape kicking around in there.


Near 24th/Western. I hate putting cars on the road for free crap (which is why Free-Cycle makes me cringe) so ideally you'd have a human powered way to pick up or at least wouldn't drive  from too far away.




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18". The rear axle is a little bent, and it needs a crankset or at least a crankarm for the non-drive-side (can't remember.)

Sounds like an interesting project. Want anything in trade? 


Yes. I want you to take away more stuff . . .
I live directly next to community garden that I helped create. I would like some plants if there are any left.

I've been sick since last week and not good for much when I drag myself home in the evening but tomorrow evening might be a good time for pickup if anyone's available.


howard, i believe they'll be ok.


what time works for you to come by?

Has the old Specialized already been claimed?  Do you know the size, extent of damage, etc?  I'd be happy to swing by in my non-motorized hauling capacity and take a look.

Hiya folks,

I've been good for nothing in the evenings all week due to this cold.

Saturday afternoon still looks like the best time if anyone wants these speakers or the other stuff.

Actually Saturday any time-- I'm working Sunday instead.

Mike, offhand I'm not even 100% sure the Specialized is still there-- will try to check this evening.

Marco, I'll bet the Painter's Pallette would be great for your space.

Is the KINDLE still available?  I'd like to salvage it from you if you still have it.

Jason 224.7952497

steve rulz said:

I have a kindle 2 with a cracked screen. Aside from the screen it works. Unfortunately the screen is the most expensive part to replace. If anyone can find an e-ink screen for cheap or can make use of it it's yours.


PS. U-locks and kindles don't get a long well in back packs.


Offering a 20 hole 26 inch rim.


I needed a 20 hole hub for a trailer. I went to Maxwell Street and bought a 26" front wheel. I spun the wheel a few times and it was perfect. Because the seller did not seem to know much about this wheel, the ownership chain is dubious. This could have been your wheel; want your rim back? The nipples were corroded on so I cut all the spokes. I am offering the only the Rolf Dolomite 559x17 rim. The rim is free if you pick it up in the loop near Hilton on Michigan Avenue. I will charge five dollars delivered to any Lstop on red, green, blue, orange or pink lines. The original wheel was identical to eBay auction #190556049488, go there for a picture. I am offering just the rim. I detect no brake surface wear.


Offering 26 inch ( 559x17 ) twenty spoke hole rim for free, obo.  


Text to 312 206 "zero as zero"



What is still available.  Considering attempting to build my own bike.
I have a set of used, slightly banged up velo orange hammered fenders free for whoever wants them.


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