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Has anyone seen this obscure British bicycling flick from 1949 ? 

A Boy, a Girl and a Bike

Synopsis: When a local cycle club, invites a couple of new members to join them, little does the club realize, that they will soon be involved in a couple of illegal bookmakers putting the squeeze on the son of one of the Members, a stolen bike, a deserting soldier on the run from the police, and a love triangle, that's bound to lead to trouble. During the late 40's and the early 50's, there seem to be hundreds of these clubs. This film shows a fascinating look at a North Country mill town, with a refreshing absence of traffic jams, yellow lines , traffic wardens, and other things we have become accustomed to seeing on our roads today.

BTW, one of the young actresses is Honor Blackman, the future 'Bond Girl' Pussy Galore.

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Thanks Tom. Another bicycle 'safety' film that I've been trying to find I can only describe. I saw it in grade school, probably 6th grade which would be 1961 or so. A color film about bike safety done entirely with marionettes. No luck with Google or YouTube. (I find that kids who look like chimpanzees riding bicycles is very disturbing.)

For those that don't get my chimpanzees riding bicycles jab, BTW after viewing again, they're monkeys, here's the film:

Great Topic Greg!

Tour De Pharmacy Trailer (2017) Full (short) movie about 30 minutes.
Yes, very strange indeed!

I'm sure there's even more strange bike ones out there. I'll be looking again later on.

Slightly OT. If you like the Miss Fisher Mysteries on PBS, currently 8:00 pm Thursdays on WTTW Prime 11.2, you may be interested to know that Nathan Page, the police inspector and 'confidant' of Miss Fisher, is a former pro cyclist. Yep !   image


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