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Hey Chicago friends! Our dear friend and neighbor, Pamela, had her bike stolen yesterday. She locked it up near Lincoln and School and the jags removed the bolts from the pole she was locked to and took off with it. As with most of us, her bike is her life and only means of transportation. It's most likely gone for good, but I figure it's worth a shot to post here. It's a small framed Torker 'U-District', similar to the one in this picture but hers had a rear-rack and bullhorn handlebars. Same color, though. If you see it on the streets, slam a U-Lock on it and call the police. Thanks!

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Always happy to help, but should I slam a u lock on any torker with bullhorn bars?  I would hate to illegally detain the wrong bike.


Sadly, calling the police and saying I've detained a suspected stolen bike - not mine - will not help anyone's situation.


Sorry for Pamela.


Philip, unless you can give a 911 operator a police report number, or are willing to lie and say it's your own stolen bike, there is no point in calling police. You will just get a frustrating argument.

John Durham said:

Please have Pamela post a report to the Chicago Stolen Bike Registry

Yeah, those U-Districts are everywhere. Wouldn't go slapping u-Locks on anything until you check the serial number.


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