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Hey bike friends, my Scattante X330 was stolen early Tuesday morning out of my van in Humboldt Park. The person who stole it broke the deadbolt on the gate to my yard and smashed my van window to get to my bike (I know better than to leave my bike in a situation like this, but I'm moving and it was just going to be overnight :( )

The bike is dark blue with white and red lettering. It has drop handlebars, a Fizik saddle, and had a rear rack attached when it was stolen. Pic attached.

It's been registered on the CPD website since I bought it last year and I've since registered it on the Chicago Stolen Bike Registry and Bike Index. I have the receipt from when I purchased it and photos of the serial numbers on the frame.

If anyone sees it, please shoot me a message here! I'd really appreciate it.

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