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I went to class and locked up my bike on 11th street today. When I came out of class the rear wheel was gone. It was a black rim with a new blue Panaracer on it and a Riders of Rohan spoke card. I locked it up at 1 PM and was back outside at 4:30 PM. If anyone in that area today saw anything let me know. Here is a photo of the bike it was on.


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Sorry to hear this man, I lock up there all the time, but I lock both wheels and frame. I should get a seat lock too huh?

When the sidewalk is finished they are suppose to put in new racks, but what we really need are CC Cameras that the school can put near the racks. I dont condone a police state, but we have both been victims to this now at school.
Da^% wheel bandits! Sorry, fellow wheelman....

Not trying to rub on the violation, but did you have both wheels locked? This is my current defense against bike burglars, but perhaps even that is a destiny of 'when' not 'if'?



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