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Hi, I'm posting for user Natalie.  

Sadly, her recently new Jamis Aurora Elite was stolen from the Northwestern Memorial Hospital campus today (12/14/2010). It was u-locked with a Krypto Evolution Series III to a standard bike rack on Superior near LSD.  Remaining lock bits indicate an angle grinder was used. 
The bike is black, not larger than 54cm.  It has:- black Brooks "B-17S" saddle- tan cork bar tape- black Planet Bike fenders- Shimano dynohub- Busch & Muller IQ Cyo headlight mounted to the fork crown- Busch & Muller 4D Toplight rear light- Tubus rear rack - I forget he model, but it's the one that has a lower rail for mounting panniers- both wheel quick releases were replaced with Pinhead keyed locking skewers (not the saddle)- rims are stock, maybe AlexRims, maybe Mavic - I don't know the derailleurs (probably Shimano Deore XT)& brakes (probably Tektro cantilevers) - there might be a "NAT" sticker on the rear fender.  - there might be a homemade reflective 4-Chicago star sticker somewhere (small, 1" by 2")
Natalie, I'm so sorry!  I hope this  helps somehow.  Do please correct me or add info as necessary
Bike community, thank you for any help 

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Sorry for the formatting!  Posting from a phone....

53 cm. Rack's a Tubus Logo. There is a NAT sticker and a reflective Chicago flag sticker on the back fender. Front wheel locked with Pinhead. Rear wheel had standard QR. Rims are Mavic, tires are Maxxis Re-fuse. Derailleur is Ultegra, STI shifters 105, rear hub Tiagra, Avid cantilever brakes (that are squeaking today 'cause it's wet). I made a post on Stolen Bike Registry and will provide more details (like serial number) when I get home. I was always kinda mad about that bike's crummy paint job but it doesn't change the fact that I'm heartbroken now. The bike will be 2 years old in February. I got it on Valentine's Day.

Older picture but this is the bike. Thanks for keeping your eyes out.



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