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Stolen bikes among other goods on display Tues 11/20, 9 Am to 7 PM

Saw this on the news including a brief shot of a bunch of bikes.  No time to do anything but put it out there at the moment. Hopefully someone is willing to go and do a smart phone search to see if any of these bikes can be matched with owners.

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Thanks Kevin!  That's very helpful.

I was just down there. Unfortunately they didn't have my bike, but there's a TON of small electronics: ipods, cameras, iPads, etc. There's probably about 15 apple laptops, all of them appeared to be the alumumium variety, and no PCs.

You must have a SN or some other way to prove the electronics are yours. You wont be able to turn them on without a charger to see if they're yours.

nice work Kevin ... thanks for all your time spent helping this.


I can almost _feel_ a happy bike and owner reunion coming...





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