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"With all the stolen bike posts lately (and no one thinking "I wonder if there's something under Useful Links for this."), I think it's well past time to make a sticky about the Stolen Bike Registry"

 - Tank-Ridin' Ryan


Well said Ryan.


Done and done.


And sticky too.



Cheers - Lee Diamond

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Bike Floss.  When will people learn that cables are worthless? 

Might as well write up a nice little tag to hang on with the cable that says, "To: Bike Thief, From: Santa"

Just a friendly reminder: Here's the list of things to do after your bike is stolen.

For a slightly better chance of getting it back, I'd also recommend taking photos and writing up a full description/profile of your bike on Bike Index before someone has the opportunity to possibly steal it.

Thanks Jaik!^^

Normally, I wouldn't post a Craigslist ad here, but in this case it mentions Swap-o-rama:

Maybe it's all legit, but Colnago bikes, Zipp, Spinergy, and Hed wheels? I'm a bit suspicious...

Delgado Bicycle has some bad reviews as a run down housing project in TX and rave, but hidden, on Yelp in CA. Does not seem legit. Then again it could be a legit operation, but good eye for the odd.

Wondering if the inventory from one of the shops that's been hit is turning up? There was that one on the lakefront, and that one at Damen/Clybourn.... don't feel like trying to dig up the details.

Both of those Colnago's are several years old. Both are sold as framesets with components to be picked by the end user

Those look like some pretty old inventory.   Depending on the pricing, it might be legit.  It is a bit unusual but selling 4-6 year old race bikes at lowish prices isn't too crazy.  I can't imagine the market is all that great for the bikes after a few years.

Naa, that M10 (blue frame) ,just the frameset is still worth about $2000 and the other EPS frame is worth at least 3000, with no parts

Didn't know that about the colnago, but the zipp/hed/spinergy wheels are probably not worth too much especially if they can't accept 11 speed cassettes, the specialized transition looks like it's worth about 700-1000 which is still something but a lot cheaper than the 4500 retail price.  Still seems pricey for the swaporama.

Me & the lady are going south this weekend. We'll see what we can come up with.


This morning there was an unlocked bike leaning against a pole on the corner of Blackhawk and Greenview.  10 hours later I noticed it was still there. I took a look and noticed the chain was off the chainring and stuck, and the derailleur was jacked up. I'm assuming one of two things happened: 1.) the bike was stolen, and then abandoned when the chain got messed up, or 2.) someone was inebriated and accidentally left it out.  I secured the bike and left a sign with my phone number where it was sitting.

If you or someone you know had a bike stolen recently, or drunkenly left it out, PM me with a description.  It hasn't yet popped up on the stolen bike registry but I will continue to monitor it.



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