Soooo sad-- my sweet Bianchi Vigorelli was stolen from in front of my gym at Michigan and Lake, 6:30pm on Friday evening. The Kryptonite lock was cut, so it baffles me how nobody saw anything?!?! It has very distinct turquiose handle bars and turquiose details, and is a medium-sized frame.

If anyone sees the bike, or knows anything, please, please shoot me an email at

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that sucks. sorry to hear that.
Thanks, and I did go ahead and file a report on the Stolen Bike Registry. I'll post a photo as soon as I can find one. Thieves are the worst kind of people!!!!
Lovely to hear that Chi town is now worse than NYC in bike thefts. Just goes to show you... Thanks for the post-- it is a highly personal, very violating experience. They did nail that part correctly, for sure.
Was it one of there U-locks? if so they should cover replacement of your vigorelli up to $1500 or $2500 depending upon model. Also Mikes in Palatine has great prices on some volpe's and via nirones I was looking there last week ask for Norm he knows his stuff.
from the article -

h3 said:
Somewhat vapid but well-informed piece on bike theft from NYC today, while the topic is . . . hot (sorry)

Picked up from the StLouisBikeFed list.

Here's the photo... let me know if anyone see's anything. I know it's a long shot, but I'll try anything.
That's a gorgeous bike! I am all over the north side day to day. I will keep an eye out. Hope you get it back!


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