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This is a gent I've ridden with before, he JUST got this bike a couple of months ago if even that.  It is a rare gem and will standout.  

[quote]STOLEN BIKE ALERT. My bike was stolen this morning from my garage in Evanston, IL. Parlee Altum-R, custom Enzo Red paint, Enve wheels and cockpit, Ultegra Di2, Vbs and He>i decals on downtube near bottom bracket[/quote]

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Has your bike been recovered? I would hope that with custom paint and a few other individual touches on your gorgeous Altum-R that it would be very hard to resell. It might be the only one. Makes me glad I have ordered mine with custom paint and a few other details. 

I've reposted your message on Facebook. I hope you get it back. 


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