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My Fuji Track Pro was stolen sometime this morning from Kedzie and George. It has a ton of stickers, bolt-on cog rear hub, Syntace bullhorns, Crank Brothers Quattro pedals, plastic BMX saddle, Jamis carbon fork and Neuvation front wheel. For more information check out


Please keep an eye out and let me know if you see it!

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Sorry about your bike.

Your original entry was unpublished in favor of the second one-- here's the active one:

People are sharing the bike details on Facebook as well.  Good luck Andrew.
oh no, Andrew.  your bike is very obvious.  i will keep a look out for it

Thanks man! I was looking forward to riding today instead of carpool... :( You should see me tomorrow though, hopefully for the drinking train on the way home.


And Julie, I've been sharing pretty much everywhere I have an outlet! Worked well last time my front wheel got jacked...


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